About Swett Signs

When you want your visual image to reflect the dynamics of a successful business, one of the most important steps you can take, is to contact a seasoned professional.

Terry Swett started dabbling in hand painted signs around age 15. After more than 40 years of being immersed in the art of lettering and sign making, Terry, along with his team, will help you recognize the fundamental elements of design. A combination of size, shape, negative air space, contrasting and complimentary colors and construction always come into play, when deciding how best to present your business to the world.

This doesn’t mean your signage needs to be fancy… just professional.

After having seen several businesses come and go, over the years, Terry reflects on the vast difference of a professional sign and one that a customer’s “Uncle or Sister in law” made them as a favor. The business with a cheap, home made sign, will often last for a season or two. In spite of their best intentions, the business owner didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Unfortunately, however, their image was tarnished from the start.
On the other hand, the business that realizes the importance of a positive first impression, often reaps the benefits of longevity.

Swett Signs has the experience to help you present that positive “First Impression”.

If You Don’t Look Good, We Don’t Look Good!